Today we are going to tell you about the woman who played the role of Dakshinayani in South’s blockbuster film ‘Pushpa’. If you have seen this movie, then you will know very well about the role of wife of smuggler Mangal Sinu, the arch rival of Allu Arjun. This role of the actress (Anasuya Bharadwaj) was very strong.

In this film, where Dashing Allu was seen in a smuggler’s desi getup, Anasua’s role also surprised people with her strong acting in a dreaded woman. As we know, this film tells about a family in which bloodshed is common. In this film, it was seen that to avenge the death of her brother, she tried to kill her husband.

On the other hand, if we talk about Anasuya’s personal life, then she is quite glamorous and beautiful. You can see some of her pictures here. Her role in the film was strong and dangerous, she is seen chopping a supari and eating paan.

Today we have brought some lovely pictures of him for you. Seeing whom you will not be able to recognize for a moment that it is the same dreaded Anasuya who tries kills Mangal Sinu in the film.

Let me tell you, Anasuya plays roles as a TV anchor and supporting actress. By the way, let me tell you, people recognize Anasuya Bharadwaj as the Queen of Mother-in-law.

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