Career is going downhill…. Films are flopping continuously…. All experiments are proving to be failure…. Nothing to do in such a situation, Bollywood has a full proof plan for this….’ War movie. If strong actors are found with a good story, then no one can stop such films from earning a lot. Something similar has been dreamed by Siddharth Malhotra who has brought Shershaah among us in need of a hit film. The story of Shaheed Vikram Batra and the bravery of Kargil is to be told.


Shershaah is inspired by true events and depicts the valor of Captain Vikram Batra in the Kargil War. Everyone knows the basic story. Everyone knows that Vikram Batra played a decisive role in the Kargil war. The film has done just that, it has told us the complete horoscope of Vikram Batra. From his birth to his training at IMA, from his dreams to the courage to fulfill them, everything has been told. How in childhood dreamed of joining the army and then associated himself with 13 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles. There is also a glimpse of Vikram’s love story with Dimple Cheema, which flourished but was never completed. So the only question is whether director Vishnu Vardhan has been able to put the life of Vikram Batra in the story in the best way or not?

Shershaah’s biggest weakness

Call it a weakness of Bollywood or a habit that has not been overcome till now. It is not necessary to put a song in every film. It is also not necessary to focus on someone’s love story excessively in every film. Shershaah could have proved to be a wonderful film if its tempo was not continuously braked through songs. This film would have proved to be a wonderful war movie if the story of love was not threaded in the middle of the fight scene. But because all these mistakes happened, Shershaah became an average film instead of the best.

Game changer for Sidharth Malhotra

Now lets talk about that strong link of the film, due to which the stars of Siddharth Malhotra can touch the heights. As Siddharth had expected from Shershaah, he has got it in the return, ‘A great start’. The entire film is made on Vikram Batra and Siddharth Malhotra has put up great performance in this role. Such performance that you would not call it acting but real life. Such a passion that you would think he is real soldier. Siddharth has done all this. No very patriotic dialogues have been found, but they have done wonders in less.

Kiara is also good in the role of Vikram’s love life Dimple. But because Vikram’s love story seemed imposed in the film, Kiara’s role also could not leave much impact. All the soldiers and officers of the army shown in the film, whether it is Shiv Pandit or Fir Shataf, have all survived the Kargil war and done complete justice to their character. The work of Pawan Chopra, Ankita Goraya and Vijay Meenu in the role of Vikram’s family is also good.

Average direction

It is also important to understand the story and direction aspect of Shershaah because for this reason this film missed out on becoming a top class. Director Vishnu Vardhan has kept the film very close to reality, it is a matter of praise. But if the intensity is reduced due to reality, then it is a mess. This happened with Shershaah. All the scenes of Kargil war shown, everything seems quite flat. A war feeling has been missing. As soon as a little mood is created, then either the song comes or some flashback breaks the flow. The last few moments of the film can definitely make you emotional as there is no melo drama there, only emotions which will touch your heart.

Now if you see this film as a well-wisher of Siddharth Malhotra, then you will say – the career of the fellow is going to shine. But if you see it only like a film, then you will say – I had fun but a lot remained incomplete.

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