‘There are two kinds of man in the world who become an alcoholic – first he earns more than he works and secondly he who earns less than work. I earn less money but am not an alcoholic – we used to think so too, but people become. When there will be marriage, there will be a child and when you have to run the house for 20 thousand, it will not happen.’

When a common alcoholic speaks about this to the Panchayat Secretary of village Phulera, the Secretary once again introduces the audience to the same confused world without saying anything. Once again the secretary of Phulera village is back with Season 2 of Panchayat, solving new problems of the village, entangled in the problems of the villagers and in his irony.

Season 1 has told how Abhishek Tripathi, the new village secretary, has to get a good private job as soon as possible and leave this village secretary’s government job of Rs 20 thousand and live a life of luxury and comfort.


But even in the midst of desperate efforts to get out of the village, this secretary does not forget to do his work with full responsibility and honesty. So can this village become his family? Will he be able to fulfill his dream of going back to his dazzling life? Will this village adopt him? Will the secretary be able to make this village his own? Season 2 of Panchayat has returned with answers to all these questions.

Where the story ends, the story begins

In the first season of Panchayat, village secretary Abhishek Tripathi (Jeetendra Kumar) was welcomed by everyone and everyone would tell him about the village and go to the water tank. The whole village is clearly visible from the water tank. In the last episode of last season, when Secretary climbed the tank, he met Rinki, the daughter of the village head. Season 2 also begins with the same water tank from where Sachiv ji is coming down. The secretary who was always upset and giggled in the last season shows a very happy mood from the very first scene of this season.

Panchayat Plot

The audience expected that the focus of Panchayat Season 2 will be Rinki and Sachiv ji. but it’s not like that. The basic focus of Panchayat Season 2 is Phulera village. The village head (Neena Gupta), pradhan pati (Raghubir Yadav), deputy head (Faisal Malik), assistant secretary (Chandan Roy) and secretary (Jitendra Kumar). Together, the team of these five people will solve some new problem of Phulera village in every episode and at the same time their personal relationship will get connected with each other in such a way that they will become a family.

Characters wins the heart

Every character of Panchayat settles in your heart. Jitendra Kumar as secretary, Abhishek Tripathi has been ruling the hearts of people since the very first season. Last season where he was the new guest of the village, this season this village has become his. He recognizes the streets here and when he tells his own friend that the villagers stare at the people outside here, somewhere they leave such a smile on the face of the audience as if the audience is also a resident of Phulera. As much as the credit for this goes to Jitendra Kumar, the same goes to the writer Chandan Kumar. Talk about Pradhan pati Raghubir Yadav, his anger, his friendship, his irony, his sycophancy, every colour Raghubir Yadav changes like a chameleon and every scene flaunts on him. The main highlights this time in the series is, Prahlad Chacha, Faisal Malik and Secretary Abhishek Tripathi’s assistant Vikas (Chandan Roy) who make place as new friend and family of Abhishek in this small village..In the last episode, these four friends becoming a family makes you emotional and brings tears in your eyes.

The entire cast gets into the characters

Apart from these four main characters, this season the headmaster, Neena Gupta, is a little left behind. Neena Gupta’s character has shortcomings in writing this season, and that’s why she has less screen time and the character struggles. Last season where Neena Gupta’s character Manju Devi seems to rise up as the lead, this season the character is seen swinging back between a mother and wife. Many scenes, however, raise the hope that the chief inside Neena Gupta will wake up now, but this does not happen. Talking about the second character, Rinki, Saanvika successfully tries to keep the series fresh with this character. The chemistry between er and Jeetendra Kumar keeps the series curious.

What makes you disappointed

Panchayat Season 2 disappoints only with its pace. While the first season used to win hearts with every punch and one-liner, this season falls far behind in dialogues and writing. This is the reason that in this eight-episode series, you miss very few scenes or dialogues. So, the whole story may be affected but the weak writing forces it to lose its momentum and at some point, due to this, there is a slight disappointment from the series.

What makes happy

But Panchayat’s climax fills up the flaws of the entire series. Filled with emotion and drama, the last episode leaves your eyes moist. How you never feel the lack of family in the village and how the whole village becomes a family, be it happiness or sorrow, you get to see it in this last episode.

Priyadarshini Muzumdar’s costume and Naveen Lohara – Sayli Nayakwadi Singh’s production design go a long way in creating the atmosphere of Phulera. Nowhere does it seem that you are not really watching the story of a particular day in a village. When you look at the broken roads of Phulera or the market of Fakauli through the lens of Amitabh Singh, everything seems like a travelogue of a village that must have settled somewhere in your mind. Harshit Sharma’s editing leaves room to make the story tighter and stronger. Produced for TVF by turning the story of Chandan Kumar into this eight-episode series, Arunabh Kumar and his team never let you down anywhere.

Season 3 teaser

The last scene of Panchayat has laid the foundation for the drama-filled start of Season 3.

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