The Kashmir Files is a true story of the brutal sufferings suffered by Kashmiri Pandits during the Kashmir insurgency 32 years ago. The heart-wrenching narrative of the pain, suffering, struggle and trauma of the victims of the genocide is The Kashmir Files. The never told truth, The Kashmir Files.

In such a situation, when this film is named Islamophobic, then it is bound to get angry. This is the reason why Vivek Agnihotri decided to openly talk about it. During the press conference held in Delhi on Thursday, the director said, “The concern is actually terrorism. The word Muslim is not used in the film. The word Pakistan or Pakistani is also not used in the film. The film talks only against terrorism. So why was it not called terrophobic?

Vivek Agnihotri further says, before ‘The Kashmir Files’, films like ‘Fiza’, ‘Fanaa’, ‘Mission Kashmir’ etc. were also based on Kashmir, but they were never called Islamophobic. It means if you justify terrorist, you are the messiah of humanity, but if you talk against terrorism, you are Islamophobic.”

The director adds, “Before Kashmir Files, all films on Kashmir were made by big production houses, including the biggest stars. All those films were set in the 1990s. Not a single film featured Kashmiri Hindus. Nothing was told about it, forget the massacre.

He said that the first scene of the film shows the brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims. In this scene, “A Hindu boy Shiva is being beaten up by bad guys and Abdul goes and saves him. In the second scene, Pushkar Nath saved Abdul’s life. Actually, the most important producer of the film is a Muslim. Is he Islamophobic? The film does not promote Islamophobia in the country, but talks against “terrorism”.

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