Sara Ali Khan is one of the popular actresses of today’s era. Be it his airport look, gym look, it often goes viral. Sara is paparazzi’s favourite. The way she says ‘Namaste’ while looking at the camera, her style is a hit. Recently, Sara Ali Khan was spotted outside Bastian restaurant in Mumbai. She was accompanied by her friend and ‘Malaal’ actress Sharmin Segal. After watching this video of Sara, users said that she has had a drink. Because of this, she started being trolled.

Sara was seen faltering

Sara is wearing a denim jump suit. She is seen walking slowly, holding her friend’s hand. When Sara comes in front of the camera, she waves her hand towards the media. A security guard would stand outside the restaurant, touching Sara’s hand. On this, too, the users targeted her.

Users trolled badly

One user said, ‘She is completely drunk, can hardly walk’. ‘ Another said, ‘Why is she being so touched by the guard?’ Another said, ‘This girl cheated on Sushant and played with his emotions. After that, she threw in the dustbin.” One user writes, ‘Bollywood should be boycotted because of this.’

News of dating a cricketer

Sara Ali Khan’s name is being associated with cricketer Shubman Gill these days. The two were seen together for dinner, after which rumors arose that they were dating each other. According to the report, Shubman has previously dated Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter, Sara Tendulkar. The two recently unfollowed each other on Instagram, after which it was believed that they had a breakup.

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