Anjali Arora, who went viral with the raw almond video, has become quite famous on social media due to her dancing video. After making her mark on social media, Anjali has now become famous across the country through reality shows and music albums. In the past, Anjali, who came in the discussion about with MMS, is now constantly making headlines. However, after adding her name to the video, Anjali has already clarified that this video is completely fake, which is being used only to defame her.

Since the video surfaced, the reaction of Anjali and many people associated with her has come to the fore. Anjali herself got emotional while giving her reaction about this. Meanwhile, now the reaction of his family members on this whole matter has also come to the fore. Let us know what is happening to Anjali’s family members since the video surfaced. Before knowing the reaction of Anjali’s family members, let us know about the people present in her family –

Anjali Arora, who became famous for her dancing videos on TikTok and Instagram, has made her own identity at the age of 23. Born on November 3 in a Punjabi family, Anjali has been living with her family in Delhi for a long time. Her father’s name is Ashwini Arora while mother’s name is Babita Arora. At the same time, her brother Abhishek Arora does business in Delhi itself. Anjali not only gathers a lot of discussion about her videos, but is often seen sharing videos with her father.

Anjali Arora herself makes reels, she also shares a lot of videos with her father. She has shared many videos with Papa, in which she is seen dancing on trending songs. Anjali’s family members not only support her in making her videos, but were also with her in difficult times. In the past, after the video scandal in front, Anjali’s family members supported her. Anjali’s family not only believed in her at such a time, but also took strict action against those who did such acts.

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